Terms of Use


Drivers must be at least 21 years old.
The driving licence must be valid and must have been held for at least one year.



For rentals to/from Heraklion airport or port, it is one week at no additional charge.
For rentals to/from Chania airport or port, it is one week but there is an additional charge.


FINES: Violations of the Greek Highway Code are not covered.

Police tickets and administrative fines resulting from violations of the Greek Highway Code during the rental period shall be paid by the customer.

PAYMENT: The cost of rental shall be paid in advance.

INSURANCE:  Oleander Rent a Car customers are covered with the following insurance:

  • Material damage and bodily harm up to € 1,220,000.
  • Fire and theft up to € 30,000.
  • Broken windscreens, material damage from an uninsured car, legal and vehicle insurance. The driver is insured for up to € 30,000 in each case.

Car insurance only covers damage resulting from proper use of the vehicle. Consequently Oleander Rent A Car will not compensate a driver / customer in the following cases:

  • Damage caused by breaching the rental terms and conditions;
  • If the driver of the insured vehicle is under the influence of alcohol, medicines or drugs in accordance with the rules set out in Article 42 of the Greek Highway Code (Law 2696/1999);
  • If the driver does not have a suitable driving licence for the vehicle being used;
  • If the accident was the result of fraud on the part of the insured driver of the vehicle;
  • If someone other than the persons referred to in the rental agreement was driving the vehicle;
  • If the rental agreement has expired and the vehicle has not been returned to Oleander Rent a Car.

In addition insurance does not cover damage to tyres or the underbody of the car if caused by malicious or exceptionally negligent acts, such as driving off road, colliding with the kerb, etc.

The rented vehicle may not be used for:

  • Towing or dragging other vehicles or objects;
  • Participating in races in general;
  • Rental or loan to third parties.

FUEL: The customer shall pay for fuel used during the rental. If the customer returns the vehicle with less fuel in the tank than at the outset, a charge for the missing fuel shall be applied.

TRANSPORT BY SHIP: Only upon Oleander Rent a Car’s written agreement.

NOTE: If the rented vehicle is returned before the rental period ends or the vehicle is not used during the rental period, money cannot be refunded.

All these terms take effect after the rental agreement is signed.


  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Third party insurance coverage
  • Coverage for bodily injury
  • Personal accident coverage
  • Theft/fire insurance
  • Individual accident insurance
  • Third Party Liability Insurance
  • Unlimited mileage
  • All taxes and VAT at 24%
  • A replacement car in the event of a breakdown
  • Maintenance, oil, grease and cleaning services
  • Free airport parking
  • Round-the-clock roadside assistance across the entire island
  • Free child seats and helmets
  • Road map, travel tips

To make a reservation please contact us by email, fax or phone. We will send a detailed offer immediately.

All your personal data remains strictly confidential.


All prices stated are in euro.
Upon confirmation of your reservation, you will have to make a deposit payment amounting to 30% of the total rental fee by bank transfer. The balance will have to be paid at your arrival.
We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

Our bank account details are as follows:

Acc. No.: 6556108497076
IBAN: GR7301715560006556108497076
BIC / Swift Code: PIRBGRAA

Please include the following information in the bank transfer:

    • The name of the person for whom the reservation is made;
    • The arrival date;
    • The vehicle you have reserved.

Once we receive confirmation from our bank, we will send an email confirming payment.

Applicable laws and jurisdiction
All agreements and contracts with us are governed by the laws of Greece and fall within the jurisdiction of the Greek courts. By making a reservation you are entering into contract with Oleander.

Oleander rent a car/motorbike
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Kalamaki, Crete, Greece GR-70200
Tax Reg. No.: 082440898 / Heraklion

Tel. 28920 45797 – Fax 28920 45185
e-mail:  info@oleander.gr